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Core Communications Skills

Courses in Core Communications Skills

Communicating with clarity and impact

Communication Skills are at the heart of effective performance both in business and in life. The ability to (i) stay calm (ii) take the time to really listen to what other people are saying (iii) then use that information to shape your arguments, and (iv) pick precisely the right phrasing to maximise your impact, are integral to high levels of performance.

Whether talking 'face to face', on the phone, via email, or in reports, the capacity to be Accurate, Brief and Clear while having a 'human' tone to the message you're sending, is a key success factor in professional life. This series of workshops is aimed at technical specialists, professional staff, and people managers who want to get their point across clearly and in a compelling way.

We offer a range of programmes to helps people learn the skills of outstanding communicators.

1-Day Workshops: We have four, 1-day programmes that allow delegates gain insights into the qualities possessed by expert communicators. Based on research that uses the techniques of Behavioural Analysis, NLP Modelling and Competency Analysis these sessions cover: Constructive Conversations (how to handle sensitive topics tactfully); Essential Communication Skills (looking at the deep structure of conversations and tools for managing interactions elegantly); Developing Personal Presence (how to talk with confidence and gravitas) and Influencing without Authority (getting your voice heard when you lack status or rank within the organisation.)

Half-Day Workshops: There are four, half-day workshops to choose from for people who want to brush on on their communication skills and/or have a refresher session on specific topics. They are: Influencing & Networking Skills; Communicating with Impact; Political Savvy and Effective Business Writing.

Espresso Sessions: Four, 90 minute espresso session are available to those who want 'micro training' on Working a Room (at a Networking Event); Navigating Office Politics and Assertive Communication Techniques.

Choice of ‘face to face’ In-House workshops or Remote/Virtual Learning

All our courses have traditionally been held either (i) in hotels or training venues to allow delegates to focus 100% on absorbing the material being covered, or (ii) on the client’s premises ensuring minimal disruption and allowing us to keep in close contact to the client’s specific needs and corporate culture.

While the ‘face to face’ option is the ideal circumstance for efficient learning of soft skills, we know that it’s not always practical to have people meet in-person, so all our programmes can also be run in a Remote/Virtual Training format using Zoom-based virtual workshops (often with accompanying e-learning modules as pre-work.)

As always we are happy to configure and individualise our courses to suit your exact requirements.


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