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Selling is about understanding customers’ needs and then explaining how you can help them address those needs in a clear, concise and compelling manner. We offer courses of different levels of sophistication for people at different stages in their sales careers and in different markets. We deal with those new to sales; the nuisances of telesales and appointment making; designing and delivering powerful sales presentations; through to Strategic Account Planning and professional selling courses for the more experienced practitioners.

A one-day introductory course for new sales people

A two-day course on tools and strategies

A one-day course for planning to engage systematically with very large customers

A two-day course for developing a strong relationship with an existing customer

A two-day course on how to lead a sales team

A two-day course on consultative selling skills for people working on the finance sector

A two-day course on managing and cooperating with resellers and distributors

A one-day course in developing relationships with strategic clients.

A one-day course on developing influencing skills for phone conversations

A three-day course on how to lead customers through the sales process

You may also be interested in our 6-day Modular Programme

which explores all aspects of becoming a great salesman, including: consultative selling skills, formal sales pitches, and effective negotiation techniques.



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