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Boulden Management Consultants

Using resources to achieve objectives

Effective managers work with resources (people, money, systems etc.) in order to achieve good business results for their organisation. At Boulden we are particularly concerned with the 'People' resource and the quality of relationships that managers can build with key stakeholders i.e. employees, peers, senior managers, customers and suppliers. We have an exciting and effective range of highly participative programmes for learning to influence, persuade and guide the actions of those stakeholder groups.

A range of programmes for improved management skills

A two-day course in developing an informal coaching style that is both effective and can be integrated into the working schedule.

A two-day course that will help senior managers to command respect and be seen as a catalyst for business innovation and success.

A two-day course of practical presuasion techniques to help you shape the plans and policies of your company.

A two-day course to help you structure a project framework and communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders.

A three-day course in the techniques of communication and resource handling required to manage a high-performance team.

A three-day course in the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming to help manage both internal and external business relationships.

A three-day course on one-to-one management techniques to aquire, encourage, and communicate effectively with individual staff members.

A three-day course in developing cohesive teams that will work effectively together with drive and purpose.

A two-day course on developing efficient ways to assess the core of a problem and find effective solutions.

A two-day course for financial staff in developing an understanding of the business process and how to deliver effective proposals.

A two-day course on successfully leading teams and employees through an extensive change process.