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Trainer Training

Training in a group

Developing the skills of an outstanding trainer

At Boulden we can teach people who want to run their own courses the skills of outstanding course leaders. Our workshops for this topic includes ‘technical material’ regarding areas like Training Needs Analysis, Programme Design and Programme Evaluation, as well as the ‘soft skills’ needed to run a successful event e.g. handling questions, delivering a lecture, introducing case studies etc.

We have introductory courses for those new to training and NLP based events for experienced trainers who want to raise their skills to a higher level. We also train employees (be they working in HR, Quality, or Process Improvement functions) to facilitate fast-paced, high impact, in-company Training Seminars, Away Days, and Discussion Sessions.

We offer a range of programmes to develop delegates training skills…

A Modular Programme which consists of 2 x three-day workshops plus group coaching sessions. It provides practical help to enable people who wish to become proficient trainers to understand how Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques can be used to deliver outstanding training events.

A two-day course that teaches a robust team stage design process for people who want to understand how to 'build' their own workshops and also covers the key skills of delivering a live event with confidence and conviction.

A one-day workshop that helps managers, team leaders and technical experts master the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective facilitator for workshops, seminars, group discussion and away days.

Choice of ‘face to face’ In-House workshops or Remote/Virtual Learning

All our courses have traditionally been held either (i) in hotels or training venues to allow delegates to focus 100% on absorbing the material being covered, or (ii) on the client’s premises ensuring minimal disruption and allowing us to keep in close contact to the client’s specific needs and corporate culture.

While the ‘face to face’ option is the ideal circumstance for efficient learning of soft skills, we know that it’s not always practical to have people meet in-person, so all our programmes can also be run in a Remote/Virtual Training format using Zoom-based virtual workshops (often with accompanying e-learning modules as pre-work.)

As always we are happy to configure and individualise our courses to suit your exact requirements.



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