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Graduate Development Programme

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How to thrive as a new employee in the business environment

12 month programme

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Graduate Development Programme brochure
  • Learn how to prioritise effectively
  • Appreciate the importance of ‘networking’
  • Building your ‘Personal Brand’


This year-long programme (consisting of six, half-day training modules plus five group coaching sessions and a Closure Workshop) provides practical help to enable graduates to become skilled and effective employees, who are valued by both by their manager and their organisation. It helps graduates to understand what is required to be successful in the workplace and explains the techniques that are necessary to deliver on their goals with a sense of self-confidence and self-awareness.

Learning objectives

By attending this modular, highly interactive and practical course you will:

  • Appreciate your core values and how they shape your actions
  • Discover techniques for communicating effectively
  • Acquire skills for managing your work load
  • Learn how to develop a good ‘network’
  • Understand how to solve problems effectively

Who should attend?

All graduates who want to understand what it takes to thrive in a commercial environment.

Programme structure

The Graduate Development Programme is a twelve month development cycle that consists of a series of half-day, interlinked, training modules, interspersed with group coaching sessions and ending with a Closure Workshop.



Coaching Sessions

Practical Time Management
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Communicating with Impact
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Networking Essentials
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Problem Solving Strategies
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Practical Project Management
Half-Day Master Class


Group Coaching
Mentoring & Support

Career Development Strategies
Half-Day Master Class


Closure Workshop
Formal review of the programme


Module 1

Practical Time Management

Understanding how to improve your personal effectiveness.

  • Gain an insight into the key principles involved in managing time effectively
  • Acquire an insight into your core values
  • Master an elegant process for setting long and short term goals
  • Appreciate how to take charge of your calendar (including your email)
  • Discover the importance of ‘batching’ in structuring your day

Module 2

Communicating with Impact

Appreciating how to get your point across clearly, concisely and persuasively.

  • Discover a simple, yet elegant process for making requests
  • Master techniques for staying calm in stressful situations
  • Acquire strategies for effective listening
  • Learn how to take control of a meeting
  • Grasp some methods available to deal with disagreements

Module 3

Networking Essentials

Grasping the value of building and maintaining a network of contacts that will boost your career prospects and drive business success.

  • Discover a simple, yet elegant process for developing a networking strategy
  • Acquire strategies for telling stories and anecdotes that make a great impression
  • Learn how to introduce yourself in a way that grabs attention
  • Grasp some methods available to start and leave a conversation
  • Deal with barriers to effective networking
  • Develop the ability to both add and receive value from your networking circle

Module 4

Problem Solving Strategies

Learn to solve problems effectively and make better decisions.

  • Master the ‘golden rules’ of effective decision making
  • Discover a simple, yet elegant process for rational problem solving
  • Acquire strategies for making well informed choices
  • Learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes when solving problems
  • Grasp the importance of assessing risk in decision making

Module 5

Practical Project Management

Grasping the basics of running a project on time and on budget.

  • Appreciate the four stages that all projects go through
  • Discover the importance of the Project Mandate
  • Understand Project Planning concepts
  • Learn how to report progress effectively
  • Capture and control ‘changes’ to the plan

Module 6

Career Development Strategies

Take charge of your career prospects.

  • Discover how to build your ‘personal brand’
  • Gain ideas about how to develop your core capabilities
  • Learn how to ‘add value’ in your current role
  • Explore a structured method for ‘auditing’ your current career status
  • Finding ways to ‘market yourself’

Final Module

Closure Workshop

We conclude the programme with a Closure Workshop, during which each participant gives a presentation on how they have applied the lessons from the training in ‘real life’ over the past year. In this way the impact of the training on the business can be evaluated.

  • Presenting on what has been learnt and identifying the benefits gained from the programme
  • Reviewing any unanswered questions about becoming a high performing employee
  • Writing a personal development plan


Group Coaching (Action Learning)

Each half-day workshop is followed by an Action Learning phase, which involves the participants trying out the skills in ‘real life’ situations and then formally discussing how they are getting on in a group coaching session, facilitated by the Boulden consultant. The key principle that underpins this work is simply the notion that ‘practice makes perfect’; so people need to be helped to implement what they have learnt into their daily work routines. The group coaching allows the delegates to get access to guidance from a professional facilitator and receive support from their colleagues, as they try out their new skills in the work environment. The group coaching also provides an opportunity for the Boulden consultant to run ‘micro teaching sessions’ on topics of interest that arise out of the debates that take place between the participants as they discuss what happens when they attempt to use the tools ‘in action’. In addition, this ‘group mentoring’ helps to develop the participants’ analytical skills, builds team spirit and encourages what psychologists call ‘deliberate practice’, which is a key element of mastering a new skill.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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