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Study guide to Time Management

For each of the tutorials work through the materials and the recommended reading etc. then:

  1. Ask people who you think are role models for that topic to talk through their approach.
  2. What is similar about the stories that they tell you?
  3. What can you learn from this?
  4. Try out some of the ideas you come up with.
    Implement some of the ideas that you have discovered as part of your research (i.e. through the reading, watching, listening and asking activities.)
  5. Keep a private diary of how you get on
    Commit to paper what you are going to do before you do it, and then note down what actually happens. As this diary is for your eyes only, be completely honest about the results you are achieving and what you are learning from your experiences.
  6. Explain to someone else.
    Research shows that the best way to assimilate information is to teach it to someone else. When you feel that you are ready, share the results of your work in this area by coaching someone else in the skills you have learnt.
  7. Measure your progress.
    Measure the progress you have made - are you more influential than previously as a result of your action?
  8. What, if anything, should you do next?

Some of this advice may sound a little simplistic but our experience is that each of these steps is vital in order that progress can be made, and that by following them conscientiously you can achieve pronounced results. We’ll fill out the details as much as is possible in the space available in these tutorials and hope we'll be able to discuss them in person with you at a later stage.



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