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Boulden Management Consultants

Tailor Made ‘Soft Skills’ Programmes

Boulden Management Consultants

We design and deliver fast paced, participative training programmes that link back into the workplace. We cover all aspects of ‘soft skills’ development, including selling, negotiating, presenting, influencing, coaching, mentoring, managing and communicating. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise and we've been running in-house, bespoke events for over 20 years and delivered programmes throughout Europe, USA, Africa And Asia.

Modular development programmes that drive culture change

Our Modular Programmes consist of a series of

  1. interlinked training modules
  2. ‘on the job’ project work
  3. peer group coaching

and are designed to both raise skill levels and (due to the on-going-nature of the programmes) promote a lasting cultural change.

Learning the art of managing both ourselves and other people

The role of the professional manager is a rich and challenging one. He or she must first of all be able to manage his or her own workload, emotions and stress levels. They must then be able to inspire their people to perform as individuals and to co-operate with others team members.

These courses are aimed at helping managers to learn their craft as a coach, as an influencer and as a leader.

Developing core competency levels

Good employees have a firm grasp on a number of fundamental ‘soft skills’. This means getting exposure to a syllabus of tools and techniques than underpin personal effectiveness. So we offer a series of courses to ensure that people have mastery over core business skills in areas such as time management, interviewing and communication.

Developing the skills of an outstanding trainer

We teach people who want to run their own courses the skills of outstanding course leaders. Including the planning phase of Training Needs Analysis, Programme Design and Evaluation as well as the 'soft skills' needed to run a successful event.

Time efficient, targeted training sessions that instill key messages

Condensed, fast-paced, half-day workshops for business leaders, managers and executives who want to make the best use of their time.

These half-day modules highlight key messages and give concise information regarding key life skills on topics like; networking, political savvy and emotional intelligence.

From introductory level to sophisticated techniques

Negotiations take place at all levels of business, from simple sales to complex financial deals, so all managers need to be proficient and comfortable in undertaking them.

Our courses will ensure delegates understand the strategies and tactics required to achieve win/win outcomes.

Learn how to find, keep and win more business

Sales is a challenging and exciting arena in which to work as it requires having a ‘competitive mindset’ plus a grasp of both technical content and people skills. In respect of the ‘sales skills’ aspects of winning new business, effective sales people are able to build rapport with clients and also have the capacity to both challenge their preconceptions and shape their view of their needs. At Boulden we have developed a comprehensive range of courses covering the many facets of the sales environment, from basic selling skills through to solutions selling and strategic account management.

Keeping your customers happy

Retaining customers is essential to any business and all managers and client-facing staff should be capable of engaging with customers, understanding their perspective and meeting their needs.

Great customer service means that customers not only ‘keep coming back’ but also willingly act as ambassadors for the brand. Our workshops in this area cover how to anticipate and meet clients’ needs and (hopefully) exceed their expectations.

Learn to make memorable presentations

Whether winning business from clients or getting support for your projects it's vital to be able to make convincing and memorable presentations that reflect your expertise or products. Our workshops cover all aspects of the presenter's craft from preparation, through to developing visual aids, building confidence and voice exercises.

Micro-training workshops

Short, fast-paced micro-training sessions on tightly defined topics, these workshops are idea for managers and executives who need to fit training events into a normal working day in order to stay on top of their business tasks.