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Navigating Office Politics

Considering his strategy

Learn how to influence people

90 min Session

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Learning the secrets of how to influence people when you don’t have authority over them, and gaining insights into how to work elegantly and ethically in order to ‘get things done’ within organisations.


  • Defining effective influencing
  • Six-step influencing strategy
  • Four common influencing errors
  • Key influencing concepts
  • Seven influencing tactics (and why variety is key to success)
  • A ‘micro coaching’ session on assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a political animal

Who should attend this in-house course?

Anyone who wants to improve their ability to shape what ‘happens’ within their organisation and understand the way company politics shapes decision making.

Style and tone

All ‘espresso sessions’ are fast paced and participative. The mood during the workshop is relaxed, open and positive. Techniques taught are based on published scientific research and we constantly review the latest psychological journals to update the materials with the latest findings.

Remote Training

All of our workshops can be delivered as Remote Training via e-learning modules plus Zoom based virtual workshops. Please see our Virtual Training page for more information.


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